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How Does An Architect Work? Exploring The Invaluable Talent


Excited about your dream project, but also frustrated by the tiring workload and responsibility of construction. Well, no more.

An architect can take your all workload on him. From dealing with people to site visiting daily. From designing the best structure to managing the project, he is skilled in everything.

In this article, I’m going to tell you how an architect works, and how he can be beneficial for you with his pro skills.

Who is an Architect? A short intro

An architect is a professional in construction who can change your vision into reality. He is a person who is expert in designing, structure, management, layouts, interiors, exteriors, and whatnot.

Talking about his skills and expertise, let’s dive into the factors that will represent the working strategies of an architect.

How an Architect works

First of all, an architect always works according to the needs of his clients. According to the need, he sets his schedule and structure of work to give his best.

We will discuss step by step how an architect works.

Step no 1: location

Step no 2: design (hand sketches and 3d design)

Step no 3: collaboration (creating team)

Step no 4: regular site inspection (material and finance handling)

Step no 5: display and view analysis (working on aesthetics and layouts)

Step no 6: final touchups (extra accessories and luxuries)

Step no 1: location

Selecting the right location is a task. An architect has to keep in mind the factors for which will be the location will be selected.

  • Clients demand (views, budget, nearby places)
  • Site analysis (environment, topography, climate)
  • Area building codes (legal process, legal reputation of area)
  • Surroundings (facilities of hospital, utility stores, schools)

After focusing on all of these points an architect selects the location for his client to satisfy him for his dream construction.


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Step no 2: Design and plan (hand sketches and 3D design)

A construction plan cannot be done without a design and when it comes to design, an architect puts soul into a plan. An architect sketches a design first and after preparing sketches he uses different 3D software and programs to create a final look of a building or a house to show his client the actual view of the project. An architect

  • Design (hand sketches and 3D pictures)
  • Eco-friendly planning
  • Colorful layouts
  • Appealing design (practically and visually)

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When one begins the construction, one needs a lot of people from different professions to create a powerful team. For this, an architect contacts them on his own by keeping in mind all of your requirements. Like

  • Civil engineers
  • Contractors
  • Labors
  • Dealers
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Others (painters, carpenters interior and exterior designers)

Every one of them collaborates with the architect to construct the best of them.

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Step no 4: site inspection

Site inspection is one of the most important aspects of the architectural field. An architect visits the construction site daily to check and balance everything. He manages

  • Finance
  • Material quality and quantity
  • Construction quality
  • Security check and balance ( workers and clients)
  • Scheduling
  • Check and balance teamwork
  • Work should be done before the due date

Step no 5: display or view analysis

You must know about a famous phrase “A first impression is a last impression”. When a display of construction is attractive and appealing, everyone will fall in love with your construction.

An architect organizes the best interiors and exteriors to make your construction program a mouthwatering view for every single viewer. And he did it by

  • Best interior and exterior
  • Attractive layouts
  • Aesthetical touches
  • Perfect color combinations

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Step no 6: final touchups

After completing the whole construction process, an architect gives some final touches to the building as extra accessories. Like

  • Luxuries
  • Lighting effects
  • Design enhancing elements
  • Garden accessories arrangements
  • Remaining ups and downs of construction


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This is a basic plan of how an architect works. Whether it’s design, construction, architectural programs interior, or exteriors, everything an architect does is properly planned and organized.


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