Interior Design Trends 2024


Interior Design Trends have been kept moving for different ages and got circled by the uproars of aspirations. There is a philosophy behind every scene and interior design has a philosophy of its own. The interior philosophy dissolute in itself the social customs, and traditions of every culture, the reason is that cultural philosophy does not remain virgin; a collaboration of different cultures gives birth to impurities. Some hard and stiff cultural values have continued for hundreds of years and are the same as they were before. It is also true that man always remains in search of newer than new and his conscience cannot be comforted until its craving is fulfilled creative minds do not let this hunger finish, and by old or new means try to tease or sometimes try to ease this urgency. In the search for more and more, many trends are being followed but how many? Let’s try to find the answer to this question.

Shades of People’s liking:

Most of us know about the energies, the things have; negative or positive, more negative or more positive with different levels of variations and tendencies. Color Palettes are chosen differently according to the place, function, and position. The colors that will be used in homes will be different, in offices, they will be different and in worship places, they will be different, why? Because colors absorb and reflect the energies with a specific saturation. Shades affect our personality, feelings, consciousness, and behavior. That’s why people are very curious about color selection. In 2022, dark & bold palettes will be going on, the vibrant schemes will be used because, since last year, the dark coding has been increased.

Nature Inbound:

In the year 2022, people are going to be more nature lovers. Interior design trends will be more naturalistic because in-house planting like roof gardening, and green patios were being likings. Tree Houses have gained a lot of heed during the past few years and now trees are becoming a part of a house. In this global warming situation where everyone is worried about it, is a good sign.

Curves in the Game:

Curves are famous in the exterior design but they are also popular with the interior. This genre is being incorporated mostly in furniture like curved back sofas, round tables, beds, etc. During to minimalist boom in the past few years the round lines were not so many but now bent towards them has been increased and in 2024 they will do a mile run.

Multi-Purpose Rooms:

During the pandemic, businesses especially the corporate domain have been affected very much. Where death danced, there people were still scared and were not ready to break the table. They have turned some parts of their rooms into working places, exercise areas and studies. As now COVID is still awake multi-purpose rooms are becoming trends in the year 2022.

Vintage Call:

Modern Interior had put a curtain on the vintage but seekers never forgot entirely scent of those old surfaces. Historical artifacts, sculptures, and antique furniture are being called again. If someone has spent some time at the grandparents’ home then one must have loved those things of that time that were available and used by the grandparents, one must recall those times after a long past; closing one’s eyes, lying on the sofa, when old remembering overwhelms then one opens the door for all those recollections and scatters their things in his house. We think that people now feel again those old days of fields and have begun to give privilege to those recollections over their linear table or chair.

Modern is not leaving:

People are going back to vintage and classical interiors but we know Interior Designers in Lahore is a long run and modernity is included in this run till now. Yes, but it seems that its grip has been unleashed. The Modern style stands with a lot of varieties so its leave is not easy.

Travel Inspired Interiors:

Traveling has got a boost in the last few decades, the beautiful places and the places of historical importance have been flooded with tourists, the other reason for so much traveling is that the world has been changed into a global village with the help of scientific facilities and travel has been easy. Tourists and travelers are also culture shifters; they visit different places and meet different people and try to know their culture and customs and their living, get inspiration from their lives, and also bring many things with them when coming back home as a reminder. It is a mixed branch of interior design because people bring things from different cultures and civics.

Biophilic Design:

Biophilic design is getting popular with an interior to increase the connectivity with nature. How much love a man does by nature is proved by his tendency to decorate his surroundings with twigs and flowers. Keeping flowers in the windows is a sign of love and admiration for nature. Exactly, what does love want? Admiration!

Basement Swimming Pool:

Having a swimming pool in the basement has been a trend in modern society. People want to deal more privately with their affairs is a reason that basement pools are becoming more popular, and the other reason is that they want to make their basement spaces functional because, for a light family, the basement is not a more functional space.  

Home Theatre:

In the assembly of modern interior designers in Lahore, the feature of home cinema has been included and it is popularizing with time. Entertainment has been a slice of the current life stream, and theater in home design shares a feeling of being in the cinema. This trend is likely to be followed in 2024.

Indoor Recreations:

Recreational activities are an essential part of life and in the current situation, outdoor activities are limited. The indoor activities have an addition of other activities like exercise, indoor games; snooker, video games, and music. By these means, people kill their leisure time.

Traditional Design:

Ornate furniture, highly expensive and fine Iranian and Turkish traditional rugs, and other fine showcase and showpieces that were considered the essentials of interior décor had been splashed but now they are back again. The traditional interior makes us feel that time is moving the same as before.


Eat & Drink experiencing Cafes & Bars:

Breakfast counters and home bars are being incorporated in homes which leave a feeling of being there. The purpose of designing and incorporating these is an aesthetic pleasure and functional also. Bars are exclusively designed in living rooms and drawing rooms where there is their function and pleasing touch.