Landscape Design Services In Lahore/

Landscape Design Services In Lahore

Landscape Design

As living environments become more important to modern living styles, the desire for green spaces becomes a dream of many modern people! In order to ensure physical and mental well-being and wellness for residents in Lahore, more consideration has been paid to residential landscape design and greening concepts in living styles – Akhtar Rasool Architects provides expert advice as well as actual quotes for different scales of modern landscape design services to make our services even more convenient for our clients.

Our landscape designer has many years of experience at Lahore’s landscape design company. We excel in Moroccan-, landscapes-in-Provence-, dutch- and American countryside styles as well as English gardens, European courtyards, and romantic Asian landscape styles – as well as on call to design custom landscape projects like private residential best landscaping designs of gardens for special restaurants, resort hotels, corporate buildings, open public spaces, neighborhood parks plant transplant projects, and other landscape endeavors.

Modern Landscape Design Consists of the Following Décor Elements

  • Trees, Shrubs;
  • Flowers and other Plants;
  • Paths and Ways;
  • Tree and other Small Architectural Forms;
  • Sculpture
  • Water, Ponds and Fountains;
  • Stones

Some Examples of Commercial Landscape Design Projects

  • Plan, form Selection to New Developments
  • Infrastructure
  • Rainstorm Water Management
  • Campus and Site Design
  • Parks, Botanical Gardens, Tree Gardens, Boulevards
  • Leisure and Sports Area
  • Commercial Landscape Design and Development
  • High way Landscape Structures
  • Riversides, Walking Plans and Parking lots
  • Regeneration Program
  • Forest Style Landscape
  • Advice and Landscape Assessment Plans
Residential Landscape Design

Residential Landscape Design and Plan

Regular gardens residential landscape design services in Lahore can easily be identified by their symmetrical cultivation of shrubs and trees, straight paths with geometric features, regular composition clarity, complex parterres with prominent axes featuring multifaceted water features, classical sculpture and complex parterres with multiple parterres arranged symmetrically along them, complex parterres with multifaceted water features and many classical sculptures adorning the formal garden – giving it its distinctive system, refinement, transcendence, grandeur and painterly qualities compared with its counterpart in an English landscape garden!

Landscape Design and Services


Attractive elements should be strategically arranged on any site to attract the eye. Our Landscape design services in Lahore specialize in this special arrangement of plants in corners, sides, squares, rectangles and circles as part of a regular geometric shape layout.

Lakes, ponds, fountains and other aquatic objects must also have the correct geometric shape with clear boundaries and clear limits. Plant placement does not offer geometric differences. In general style landscaping Design Company in Lahore requires curbing, fencing or hedge plants that define an area clearly enough; otherwise they become simply objects within that cultivated land that takes over space within it.

Landscape Design and Services

Choose Style with Our Best Landscape Designer

English Landscape:

It is also called English style, because it is the most popular among British residents. It is normally located outside the doorstep of the decorated with grass and coexists with the creation of human hands.

Moroccan Landscape:

It is a construction of paradise gardens in the Islamic sense of the word. Magnificent nature, fountains, tables, singing exotic birds – all this is behind a high stone fence.

Provence Style Landscape:

It is specify by a lack and cunning design ideas, exclusively use of natural materials and household items from antiquity

Dutch Style Landscape:

It is designed for small areas, because the Dutch have always lived in a narrow way. Dutch landscape design excludes large plants, like as trees etc.

Mixed Landscape:

it’s good to be available to almost everyone who has enough artistic flair and enthusiasm, and a desire to create and transform the surrounding world in such a way, that they push their thoughts about beautiful. The style is suitable for areas with different topography and the presence of different types of vegetation.

Rustic Style:

There should be no strict lines, no strict rules for landscape design.

Landscape Services

About Akhtar Rasool Architects Landscape Services

There are various styles and trends in landscape design. Each has their own characteristics; for instance, some prefer flowers while others might favor stones or architectural features as design features. We suggest you recognize these patterns through this article:

Landscape designers in Lahore can help create beautiful outdoor living environments by designing landscapes of various styles. Their goal is to bring comfort, harmony, and beauty into their summer and autumn homes through design.

We care about every client. Our creative team works their hardest to design safe and exciting Buildings. We follow best practices in the areas of ergonomics planning and environment design.