Low-cost House Design & Construction

Constructing a home may cost heavily but by simplifying the design & plan layout, and minimizing finishing materials the overall construction cost can be minimized. If we keep the construction method simpler then the labor cost will also reduce, and it will have a good impact on our budget. If the budget is tighter then by following some techniques, a good house can be built Construction Firm in Lahore.

  • Keep the building shape simple, geometrical, and symmetrical

Get a rectangular or square building design for your home, and the plan layout should be symmetrical. These designs are easy to construct, and of course, are low-budget designs because challenging work charges are high. An appropriate amount of material will be used and it will be constructed in less time, labor cast will be saved Construction Firm in Lahore.

  • Building lots should be feasible for construction

The plot where the building has to be built must be feasible for construction. The surface level should be plain. If the building lot is not feasible like there are shrubs & that have to be removed before starting construction or the surface is not leveled or it is quite deep or quite below the surface level, then construction cost shall increase Construction Firm in Lahore.

  • Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are feasible in the case of low-cost construction. Fused living, kitchen, dining, and reading functions can be incorporated, and a drawing room can also be added with a partition. A mixed-function plan minimizes the construction cost as fewer walls, doors, and windows are needed Construction Firm in Lahore.

  • Cost-friendly home styles

Some home styles are cost-friendly like minimalist, rustic, and industrial. These home styles can be used as a fusion to control the home cost. By following the minimalist motto “less is more”, a functional layout can be achieved.

Industrial architecture is less decorative and more functional. Using zero percent of decorative material will minimize our project expenses. Less decorated rear sides and facades will be used because decorated materials have to be used which will over cost the project Construction Firm in Lahore.

Rustic or raw architecture is also a budget-friendly style. The undecorated raw cemented exterior is favored which is cost-effective. You can save your time, labor costs, and other material expenses if the bare cemented style is used Construction Firm in Lahore.

  • Exposed Interior

Exposed interior design can also be a factor in reducing the cost of the building. The exposed design includes bare or exposed brick walls, raw concrete walls, roofs, and floors. Mixed-use of exposed brick and concrete walls can be used to elevate the rough feeling Construction Firm in Lahore.

In this kind of design, plumbing pipes and electrical wires are also exposed, this method is also budget effective and reduces the budget and material cost.

  • Replace wood with Aluminum or Iron

Wood is costly for building use. To lower the house cost, it is necessary to do woodwork where it is required rather than, install an aluminum or iron door frame or sliding glass door as they are low-budget and easy to install.

  • Use of recycled wood

Recycled wood can also be used for woodwork because wood is an expensive material that costs too much. Second-hand wood can be bought from the market at affordable prices and can be used in buildings. Repair is not a big issue and it can be repaired easily before installation. We can use wood for roof support and door frames, etc.

  • Use bamboo instead of wood in decoration

Bamboo is bio-friendly, decorative, and also durable. It can be used in flooring, ceiling & as partitions. We can also use it as aesthetic décors. It is economical and intensifies the charm of beauty.

  • Exclude Basement

If the budget is tight then it is advised to eliminate the basement idea because it consumes 30-40 % of the budget. Its excavation and foundation consume too much labor and material.

  • Use concrete blocks instead of bricks

Concrete blocks cost less than brick structures because less number of blocks is used if these numbers are compared with the number of bricks, and concrete structures are more powerful than brick structures Construction Firm in Lahore.

  • Precast roofing

Precast roofing is less expensive than the poured concrete roofs in the traditional method. In the traditional method of making roofs by making iron net and pouring concrete, double time is consumed and more labor is done while on the other hand, precast roofing is easier and time-saving Construction Firm in Lahore.