Many people aspire to possess their own home. People work their entire lives to be able to settle down and feel comfortable in a place they can call home. At the end of the day, earning a spot that represents one and one belongs to them is the primary goal of a demanding schedule and a job life. For this reason, the practice of purchasing, developing, and building houses is a trend that will never go away with Architects in Lahore.

From the standpoint of building and living space, a 5-marla plot is currently the greatest and most reliable option for a home. It can accommodate a family’s demands and is roomy, offering a large area. If you are creating or constructing Architects in Lahore,

Benefits of Owning a 3 Marla House

Now you might say that owning a house of any size comes with the same benefits but this isn’t the case. The following are the specific benefits that come with owning a three-marla house

Low Maintenance Cost

When you invest in a huge property, keep in mind that its maintenance cost is also high. So, if you don’t have a budget or stable income, investing in such a property is a bad decision.

However, the small properties such as 3 Marla houses come with a little maintenance cost. For example, if you want to paint your entire house, you can do it on a little budget. Similarly, for renovation and refurbishment, you will not have to spend a fortune on Architects in Lahore.

Easy to Manage

The other benefit of owning a small home is that you don’t have to worry much when it comes to managing it. You need a little time to manage or clean it.

Moreover, even if you hire someone to clean it for you, you don’t have to pay high fees. The reason behind it is the small area. And what fits in the category of small property? 3 Marla House Architects in Lahore.

Quite Cozy

Now another good thing about small houses is that they give a cozier feeling than big houses. Moreover, in small houses, the heating and cooling systems also work better.

All you need is a minimum budget for decor and lighting to create an extraordinary atmosphere.

Less Clutter

Now you might think that small places look cluttered but this isn’t the case. Mainly if you work on everything mindfully Architects in Lahore.

For example, if you are moving into a 3 Marla house or constructing one for yourself, make sure you decorate it with the stuff that serves you in multiple ways.

Before settling into your house, if you have stuff that you think is of no use, it is better to get rid of it. As it is something that will allow you to evolve your house and make it spacious and more welcoming.


No one can deny the fact that electricity is getting more and more expensive in Pakistan. This is the reason, everyone is looking for energy-efficient ways. However, they fail to find options that are quite affordable for Architects in Lahore.

But a tiny house itself is energy-efficient. You don’t need a lot of energy to heat up or cool down a house. This is something that plays a key role in minimizing the bills.

Affordable Price

When you visit a real estate market, you find out that property prices are too high. However, if you focus on the small properties, you will get an idea that their sale prices are low as compared to others.

So, if you have a limited budget, 3 Marla House is the best option for you to invest. Don’t you think it is better to own a home rather than own nothing?

3 Marla House Plans

If you meet the professionals, they will tell you to give you multiple options when it comes to 3 Marla house design Architects in Lahore.

Here in this blog, we will learn about some traditional 3 Marla house designs in Pakistan. However, it isn’t necessary that you need to follow a similar plan to construct your property. You can customize it to your liking. All you need to do is, talk about it with the professional!

Plan 1 – 3 Marla House Design Single Story

2 Bedroom With Attached Bath & a Walk-in Closet
1 Guest Washroom
TV Lounge


This is a simple design if you are planning to build a single-story 3-Marla home for your small family.

The ground floor will have a garage and a lawn. Also, it will have a TV lounge and a Kitchen, and both will be attached. Also, there will be a guest washroom, so whenever you have someone coming over, you don’t have to take them into your rooms.

Moving on you will have 2 bedrooms with attached baths and a walk-in closet that you can also use as a storeroom. This house design also comes with a backyard that you can use as a laundry area.

Plan 2 – 3 Marla House Design Double Story

Ground Floor First Floor
1 Bedroom with Attached Bath 2 Bedroom with Attached Bath
Kitchen Lounge Area
Store Room Terrace
Drawing Room A Small Kitchen
Hallway or Lounge Area
Guest Bathroom

Ground Floor

The ground floor of this 3-marla house design is a stunning amalgamation of some of the best aspects. One main entrance takes you straight to a hallway or lounge area. The lounge area provides exclusive space for the house guests. The lounge is connected to a drawing room. The drawing room is the area where you can provide your guest’s company. Then comes a store room. On the left, you can find a bedroom with an attached bath. The lounge area also gives access to a guest bathroom.

The ground floor of this 3-marla house design also has a guest bathroom and a staircase that takes you to the upper floor of Architects in DHA Lahore.

First Floor

The first floor of the house has 2 bedrooms both with their attached baths. This floor also provides a lounge area. One bedroom on the first floor has a terrace. The terrace provides a grand lookout to the main entrance and the road. There is also a kitchen on this floor.

Plan 3 – 3 Marla House Design Double Story (Rectangular Shape)

Ground Floor First Floor
1 Bedroom With Attach Bath & Walk-in Closet 2 Bedrooms with attached bath
Kitchen Store Room
Drawing Room Hallway or Lounge
Lounge Area Terrace
Guest Bath
Open Area at the Back

Ground Floor

This 3 Marla house design is the perfect choice for those who want to live in a house with style especially those who are millennials. The main entrance takes you straight to a garage. Then comes the lounge area which is assisted with a guest bath. Next thing on the ground floor is a drawing room where your guests can rest and engage in healthy conversations.

On the right side of the lounge and drawing room is the kitchen. Then at the back, there is an open area that you can modify according to your preferences. The ground floor of this 3-house plan also contains a walk-in closet which gives the house a more urban look Best Architects in Lahore.

The bedroom on this floor has an attached bath as well.

First Floor

The staircase that is present at the back end of the house takes you straight to the first floor. The first floor comes with 2 bedrooms that are parallel to one another with attached baths. On the end of the first floor, there is a storage room. The main bedroom also has a small terrace. Then at the adjacent point of the floor, there is a lounge or open sitting area.