Timeline for Design and Construction

“A temporary hospital built in Wuhan, China, in corona outbreak, just over a week”: this news spread like a rapid-fire everywhere. The hospital was temporary and comprised 1000 beds. 7000 workers were up to it. We can regard time management here but the thing is that it was a temporary project just for emergency and the material was also of a temporary state. Time variation affects the cost tangibility and project stability, therefore ample time should be consumed for the design and construction process. If the design and build of a project are done by a single entity then project and time management is easy to manage because coordination is easy Construction Firm in Lahore. A complete channel or stream is started by taking the design and construction feasibilities of a project.

Timeline Dependence:

Whenever a client contacts for a design or design-build project, then the first question is “What are the rates?” and on time the next question is “How long will it take?” Time and money overlap each other. Regarding the timeline there is a two-word answer, “it depends.” The timeline of a project encompasses many factors. So, we try to understand these factors of Construction Firms in Lahore:

  • Size and state of the project
  • Idea recognition; the building that is to be constructed either its idea is clear to the client or not
  • Requirements


We break the design and construction process into time frames to understand the timeline. Following are the timeframes Construction Firm in Lahore.

Initial discussion:

The first discussion between a design-build contractor or an architect or designer and a client sets a route for the whole project. Project ideas, requirements, functions, and feasibilities are discussed. It is necessary to discuss all the matters from design requirements to the construction material and finishing material. Thorough planning is necessary from start to end so that there is no issue. It is possible that the initial discussion is not so conclusive but the idea can be cleared somehow. Because it is necessary to know what is going to be built. It may take a day or it may take weeks; again, it depends on the size and state of the project. Commonly, this initial process takes 2-3 weeks. A Client must do some research about his/her idea and gather some data so that this process may in the minimum time. For the clarification of the idea, a discussion with the architect or designer is also necessary, so you must give this step ample leverage Construction Firm in Lahore.

Site Analysis:

The architect visits the site to analyze the site for the design feasibility if the site is feasible to the design? Soil experts also survey the site for soil analysis that if the soil can bear the load. In some places, a preliminary site visit is not required because dimensions and other analyses are done already. Through site analysis, design and construction complexities come to knowledge before the design process, and the design or construction process is adapted accordingly. Site analysis may take 2-3 days and if soil analysis is required then it may take 2-3 weeks Construction Firm in Lahore.

Checking Building Codes:

Every town or city implements some building laws and codes according to which construction is permissible. Following the building codes is necessary, therefore functional or design requirements have to be adjusted accordingly. This may take 1-2 weeks based on the scope of construction, for example, if a high-rise has to be constructed then this time frame may exceed. For house construction

Design Process



In the design process, the first step is planning. Plan proposals are prepared considering the feasible options. After the finalization of a proposal, further discussions are held with the client, and revisions are incorporated, if any. Planning’s time frame may vary according to the size of the project. A normal residential project may take 2-3 weeks, and for commercial, industrial, and large-scale projects the duration may increase up to 2-3 months Construction Firm in Lahore.


After the finalization of the plans, the elevation is designed. The duration of the elevation process also depends on the project’s scale or size. Often, 2 weeks is allocated for the elevation design of a normal-scale project but for a large-scale project, it may range Construction Firm in Lahore.

Form Making:

This process carries the plan’s setting and shaping in 2D. A normal small-scale project may take 2-3 days while for a large-scale project time duration may stretch to 2-4 weeks.

Construction & Technical Drawings:

Construction is started based on construction drawings. Structural drawings are also used in construction that is designed by structure engineers, these drawings carry building structure details. Approximately, 2 weeks are fixed for construction and structural drawings but the time lap may differ. Other technical drawings like Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, etc. are being prepared parallel to the construction and structural drawings.

Project Estimation:

Project money and budget estimation can be very helpful in estimating project time. If you fix a budget for the project and mold project estimation according to the fixed amount then the project’s time stream doesn’t have a constraint. But if without a project or budget estimation construction and pre-construction processes are started then you can face loss or delay in project completion. After the construction, structural and mechanical drawing accurate project estimation can be measured. In the initial discussion, we talk about estimation but that is a rough estimation that is necessary to set the target.

Construction Certificates

For building design and construction, some building codes are regulated and have to be followed during design and construction. Before the construction, design blueprints are submitted to the regulatory authority for construction permission; certificates for small-scale projects can be issued in 2-4 weeks; large-scale projects are submitted and get approval in 3 to 4 sections or phases, and it may take time about 2-4 months. In the preliminary process, the completion of the necessary documentation is of utmost importance. Any misconduct or inactivity may cause a delay to the project Best Construction Firm in Lahore.

Vendor/Material Arrangements:

Before starting the construction, it is necessary to complete the selection of materials that have to be used in the building’s construction and its finishing and arrange vendors who deal with the materials you choose. If you have to use any construction material; any material like marble, tile, stone, or any specific God-made thing; then arrange it at least one month before starting construction. Project size matters, a quantity of materials is required, and when? It all concludes the construction time. It may happen that you have chosen a finishing material, and the required quantity is not available from the local vendor, and it’ll have to be arranged from another country; if, you have not arranged it before, and running for it at the time you need then it will be a problem because arrangement, shipping and customs clearance takes time; it may take 3-4 months. It may also happen that you require some skilled artisans for the woodwork and you are looking for them at the time of action, and you get to know that they are already booked for the next few months; because artisans or workers shift their work from project to project.

Construction Phase:

Time duration may vary from project to project based on size or covered area. But, a small or low-scale project, for example, a home construction with a preliminary construction time & arrangement breakdown; can be completed in 6-8 months. In construction, grey structure & finishing should be considered two different steps, and finishing should be further divided into two categories; outer finishing & interior finishing.  For example, if the grey structure is being completed in 5-6 months then 3-4 months will be required for finishing and other electrical or plumbing work. You are being told about the normal standardized work duration, it depends on the client’s requirements or demands; if demands are high then cost and time will also rise up.

Some emergency margin should also be kept beside the construction time frame; 2-3 months, at least, so that you may not get any stress Construction Firm in Lahore.

Completion Phase:

After the completion of the project, a project completion certificate is applied to the authority; a team is authorized to visit the building and check it according to the building codes, after this they issue the completion certificate. This completion certification process may take 1-2 weeks go.