With the experience of last year’s work in the field of architecture, we can foresee the upcoming Architecture Trends 2024 which will take place. Some old traditions have been continuing and some of them will continue and some of them will be slowing down, and some new waves will join the current. Every fashion or trend appears in a different disguise in a different territory and the effect of its every side or aspect is not the same, and not even its run is the same. It spreads its roots with time, and at some places its roots are deep and at some places, its roots are weak because there is a difference in social norms and economic situation of the people of different states.

Following Architecture Trends are likely to be followed in 2024:

Smart Buildings:

The concept of self-efficient or smart buildings has been being followed for the last few years. Most of the high-rises have already been incorporated with automation in developed countries but the homes were fewer, but now the concept of smart homes is also progressing. The reason behind this is to be also self-efficient with the buildings because automated buildings are more convenient and energy-efficient. For example, almost every building of today is being designed so that it can preserve solar energy and it is designed so that the consumption of electricity can be reduced. Building temperature is controlled due to which energy consumption is reduced.

Open and multifunctional spaces:

As COVID has stricken the whole planet, external affairs have been limited. There is an economic change has occurred, and this change has diversified the businesses. People have started working from their homes and they have turned some parts of their houses into workplaces and offices. Open spaces of the homes are being utilized and it is being expected from architects and designers that designs should be more functional. Open and multifunctional spaces have become the need of time.


It is the overwhelming discussion of this age that environmental change and global warming have been becoming an eccentric threat to the world. Experts say, it is not a matter of the future anymore, now it is a matter of the present. By using sustainable materials and technology a building can be made environment friendly and it can be sustained or can resist natural disasters to some extent. Architects are being encouraged to use sustainable building materials, Renewable Energy Systems, and Stormwater Management. It is also included in the sustainable function that greenery should be attached to the building so that at the firing time of the sun; the time when the sun is hotter, leaves could stop the sun’s heat and such type of material is used which absorb the heat during the day and exude the heat at night. And, if it is meant to keep the building warm then the building is designed so that it can preserve the heat and can be used for warmth.

Contemporary Design:

The trend of contemporary design has been increasing since some last years and it’ll keep increasing throughout this year. People are more interested in geometrical spaces now, they want to expose the interior towards the outside, and that’s why open spaces are being incorporated. Now, the outdoor is being shifted to the indoor, inhouse trees, basement, and roof gardening has begun.

Collaborative Architecture:

The Year 2022 will bring Collaborative Architecture in Lahore to an extent as the need of the time is going to be changed like the fame of sustainable architecture is increasing so more than one brain will collaborate and work together. Ideas and designs will collaborate and there will be a new cornet.


Minimalist Architecture in Pakistan defines open, plain, and simple spaces and a defined form. It elaborates on the saying “Less is More”, which means only necessary and vital essentials are used. This Architecture began in the 20th century but soon became famous and now it is trending. It has been adopted from Japanese culture where plain and simple buildings and furniture are used other than the essentials which are not necessary are removed from the scene.

Fabulous decorations of floors and walls:    

Floor and wall decoration is gaining different styles; more flamboyant and more extravagant. Light and earthy colors are going to be wade, and dark and vibrant colors will take place. Floor tiles, sheets, rugs, wallpapers, and marble will lead the decorations.

Sensory Art:

Sensory Architecture Lahore grasps humans’ sensorial quality. Hearing, seeing, touch, and smell create a good environmental interaction. It is the sense of beauty that makes people stop somewhere. Architects in Lahore have been beautifying the building, they have been in this run and so they are but now there is more expectation. In 2021, it has been seen almost in every sector that sensory art is being incorporated. This architectural scope will be ongoing in 2024.

Exposed Steel Design Structures:

Concrete, stone, and brick structures are not flexible, and steel takes advantage of its flexibility, multiple exposed design structures are designed by the designers but they require such material that can be used easily in Exposed Steel Structures. In the outer designs of the buildings, mostly steel is used because steel can be molded in unlimited shapes. Exposed steel structures will be on-trend in 2022. They form an irresistible visual impact on the naked eye.

Light Flow and Noise Interruption:

Buildings are being designed so that they should be noise resistant because people do not want any interruption in their lives; exclusively noise as an invader. The trend to make sure the flow of natural light in residential and commercial buildings is increasing. In cities, commercial buildings are mostly exposed from the front side. Also, in homes, the tendency to illuminate the house is increasing, that is why, big windows and open rooftops are being used.


Romans began to construct arches and domes; these were the curvaceous and semi-circled creations of old times, but in modern times, curves also should be modern; if arches or domes are inverted then can call them modern curves. An Iranian Architect: Zahra Hadid founded the curved line architecture design firms in Lahore; it was opposed in the beginning and considered a bogus idea but now it is getting company and it is proposed that in 2022 this scope will grow.