How to Make Your Home Look Expensive

Beauty has value, and to make a home look expensive it should be looked more beautiful. A valuable thing gives value to the thing on either side. Everyone wants to add to his/her value via valuable things like luxury houses, cars furniture, etc. By different means, a house can be given an expensive look by Architects in Lahore.

Make a good presence at the home entrance

To make the home entrance more elegant, you can add steps to the porch area and railing beside the steps; and to make it more grandeur, make the porch roof double-height or curved. You can make the porch biophilic, besides this, you can hang a chandelier on the porch roof. You can use a double door for the entrance as it magnifies the house exposure of Architects in Lahore.

Mosaic work can also be done on the porch floor that will glorify the beauty of Architects in Lahore.

Use Marble for front elevation

Marble stones like white Carrara, travertine, and rock stone make the surface texture cozy and enhance the touch experience.

Add a Chandelier and wall paintings in the Entrance Lobby

By entering into the lobby, delicacy or a different kind of experience should be felt. We can hang a chandelier in the lobby; we can use here paintings on either wall to include an artistic experience.

 Wall treatments of the living room

The living room affects the beholder so it should be an elegant space of living. We can add carrara marble to the media wall that reflects a look like a mirror; and on the back wall of the sofa, we can add wood treatment or a painting on a stone wall.

Light floods in the Living Room

A bright living room inspires the mood. To chant the living environment, a large chandelier can be added, large windows are constructed and you can use large white transparent curtains that will add to the beauty. The white daylight and yellow light of the chandelier in the evening spread a transitional effect. These different effects make the home look expensive.

Place the curved sofa

Place curved sofas in the living and drawing spaces. Fabric or leather material or royal wooden sofas can be used to create an elegant and expensive look. In royal style, incurved sofas can also be used that will spot a feeling of a throne. You can also place classical-style sofas if you have any from your grandparents or you can also buy old furniture that will enhance the charm of your living view Architects in Lahore.

Own marble tables for dining

There is a main role of marble in fetching a stream of cozier conscience experience. Dinings can be done in a very magnificent way by using a marble table for dining, putting a golden candle stand as a source of the light stream on the middle of the surface while having dinner here. White, black, or Italian marble tables look elegant when used for dining Architects in Lahore.

Home bar counter

Bar counters that craft a highly oriented style can be designed in a living room or drawing room. Bar/drink counters elevate the design richness because they have a rich effect on the design part. For big bungalows or small houses, different designs can be adopted by Architects in Lahore.

Make your terraces green

Terraces and balconies add to your home design and this design richness can be made more attractive by turning them green. You can use bamboo roofs and make some flower beds on the floor and grow flowers and vines there. A combination of flowers and vines creates a fabulous environment for Architects in Lahore.

The home should look freshly painted

Use the paint whatever you want but there should be originality in its tone and it should look fresh. Color scheming of your walls should be goodly chosen because colors impart an expensive look to the house Architects in Lahore.